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    Shaiya Fanatic Rules


      1. Account sharing

      Account sharing is allowed. However it is not recommended.
      Shaiya Fanatic doesn't bear any responsibility for what happens to your account if you decided to share it with someone else.

      2. Offensive account

      Create an account in order to bash or harass the server and its population, statpad, leech or hacking is prohibited.

      3. Multiple account

      Shaiya Fanatic don't allow you to use two accounts at the same time.
      It is stricly forbidden to use two characters at the same time in order to statpadding or other no fairplay reason.

      4. Account trading

      Account trading is allowed. However it is at your own risk.
      Shaiya Fanatic is not responsible for anything that happens as a result of attempting to trade your account.


      1. Language

      Respect, tolerance and politeness is required in public chat. Provocations are prohibited.
      Abusive behavior in a channel or in the ShoutBox is prohibited. The main language in Shaiya Fanatic is english. Please try to use english whenever you speak in a public chat channel (normal, trade).

      2. Advertising

      Advertising other Shaiya servers in game or in the ShoutBox is stricly forbidden.
      Advertising the sale of accounts for any currency, including those used in Shaiya Fanatic is forbidden.

      3. Influencing

      You may not influence other players to inapropriate behavior or break any rules.

      4. Impersonation

      You may not impersonate others players or staff members.

      5. Harassment

      Verbal harassment or disrespect towards either players or staff members will not be tolerated.

      Characters and Guilds

      1. Character names | Guild names

      Offensing names are prohibited. Any names violating this rule will be changed into a random name.


      1. Join mode

      All raids must be opened at all times, except:
      - When a raid member disconnected, in which case the join mode can be set to manual for no longer than one minute.
      - When the raid is killing a boss outside of pvp and the boss's health is lower than 10%. The join mode must be set back to auto if the boss resets or dies.
      - When the raid's purpose is farming inside an instance map (example: Oblivion Insula).

      2. Kicking

      Kicking active raid members is strictly forbidden, unless:
      - The raid member is causing drama.
      - The raid member is rejoining deliberately to gain loot priority.
      - The raid member is AFK for longer than 2 minutes after warning by leader.
      - The raid member is not in the designated Boss or PvP area for longer than 1 minutes after warning by leader.
      - The player is not decently equipped for pvp and better geared players are waiting to join the raid. This rule applies only for pvp raids, not for boss raids. When there are both pvp and boss(es), it counts as pvp.


      1. Harassment

      Any form of harassment directed towards either players or staff members is forbidden.
      Playing and/or acting in a way that is purposely detrimental to other players' enjoyment of the game.

      2. Killing

      Killing anyone located behind guards is strictly forbidden.

      3. Kill stealing

      Kill stealing bosses is allowed. (Only bosses included in the Boss Countdown) Kill stealing monsters is strictly forbidden.

      4. Spying

      Creating an account on the other faction in order to spy on the trade chat and other aspects of the other faction's game play is strictly forbidden.

      Hacks & Exploits

      1. Client modifications

      Any client modification is strictly forbidden.

      2. Exploits

      Exploitation of any possible vulnerabilities or flaws of the game is strictly forbidden. If exploits are discovered, they are to be reported to Shaiya Fanatic Staff.

      3. Third party software

      The use of any unauthorized third party software (hacks, mods, bots, etc) is strictly forbidden.

      Violating ToS will result in a penalty! Severity of the punishment varies from a warning to a permanent ban from the game!! Shaiya Fanatic wishes you to keep the game sportsmanlike and enjoyable for everyone!

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